-- 29.05.2020 --

its out now - the bali express ep
the freshest stuff from us served with love

-- 16.05.2021 --

on may 29th a hara crash remix ep BALI EXPRESS will be released

we want to celebrate this ep with the whole crew behind and you!
so hop on to our train to bali this evening and see you in the livestream

Někak před dobrym lětom mějachmoj wjacore naprašowanja nastupajo remixowanja jedneho z našich spěwow. Z toho wuwiwaše so małki projekt, kotryž ma takrjec 29.5. premjeru 🙂 Wuńdźe mjenujcy zběrka remixow našeho spěwa Bali. A to chcemy jako label rady tež z wami woswječić.

-- 17.04.2021 --

cali strikes back
oh nine! our 9th catalog release is an ep by strm that goes 'voll auf die neun'

****warning: may include psycho active pictures****

check it out!

-- 02.04.2021 --

hara crash plays tomorrow at the 360° festival - join the livestream, it starts already tonight

-- 01.03.2021 --

we share hellotrip's stream at kombuxtion 01.21 - enjoy :)

-- 12.11.2020 --

hellotrip often combines acid sounds with different styles like tech house, deep tech or leftfield
so he did with this track, taken from his philosophical bandcamp release time and distance
hope you like it as we do!

-- 05.11.2020 --

mirek amachi has been constantly producing techno for the last 20 years, switching genres refreshes his mind
his recent work is one of those 'arena mode floor' pieces, so catch your legs :)

-- 26.02.2020 --

hey - everybody who couldn't grab a vinyl of hara crash's ep at our release party:
HHV just started the preorder here

-- 19.02.2020 --

hey guys! here's mason's power live session from our label night
thanks to all people who joined us, it was great fun!

-- 07.02.2020 --

there it is! Mutant Rebuilds - a various artists compilation to pay tribute to Hellotrip's brilliant "Mutant" track he already uncovered last year on his Bad Recordings EP. Every single remix lets different uncontrolled mutations to happen. Keep track of our safer use guidance!

-- --