#tak010 various artists / bali express ep (2021)

cover: ann maria juurak

#tak009 strm / dopamine ep (2021)

#tak008 hellotrip / mutant rebuilds ep (2020)

concept of man
mirek amachi
mason rent
ben pluecker

mastering by sebastian vivas

#tak007 hellotrip / light works ep (2019)

#tak006 hara crash / halfway reveries ep (2019)

vocal recordings and post production by chitakay soundlab, berlin
mastering by sebastian vivas

#tak005 mirek amachi / awakening ep (2019)

mastering by alex carbo

#takmat02 matotam / the movies 02 lp (2019)

mastering by takatak records

#tak004 hara crash / weird wired ep (2018)

recorded and mixed by smail shock at studioB|AK18, berlin 2018
mastering by takatak records
backing vocals (who i am) by johanna leutsch

#tak003 mirek amachi / travel ep (2018)

#takmat01 matotam / artificial music 01 lp (2017)

a1 when we drive
a2 hm 11.0
a3 photosynthetic
a4 our years
a5 all hail the new flesh
b1 the itch
b2 odyssey entertainment
b3 big trunk
b4 sit down, stand up
b5 running through the mini mall, in my underwear

#tak002 kala zahnadu / see your voice ep (2017)

#tak001 mirek amachi / meridian ep (2017)